Privatization has started showing his colour

Dear Comrades!

There is high time to protect our interests and preserve our benefits achieved after a sustained struggle and with protected negotiations.

In the recently held conference of General Managers (in the name of safety) many decisions had been taken which directly involves lakhs of Railwaymen. Some of their decisions for example, Larsgess, Act Apprentices regularization, Limiting CG appointments to the extent of 5% etc. will definitely harm railway employees.

The selling of schools and hospitals & dispatching RPF to Home Ministry is also on the agenda. Closing of printing presses and utilizing the land for commercial purpose, replacing “Parel Workshop” to make way for terminal and Mumbai V.T. General Manager Office, will definitely create a lot of anger among the Railwaymen.

I hope, our Hon’ble Minister is not aware that with these actions, railwaymen will be demotivated and his plan to run railway safety will definitely get jeopardized.

It is first time, we are looking that on the issues pertaining to railway employees, and the decisions are being taken without consulting staff side. We have already protested against such decision to CRB, MS and DG (Personal) and will definitely protest against them, because, they are detrimental to the interest of Railwaymen and Hence, the All India Railwaymen’s Federation cannot sit idle.

Recently, there had been some rumor that job of GE (General Electrical Company) to manufacture Diesel Engines at Marhaura will be taken back and Railway Electrification which is 1500 kms at present will be doubled to 3000 kms per year but because of strong protest from GE and Trump administration, now the ministry has come in reverse gear. Now they want to reduce production in DLW and CLW; this will also directly affect the railway employees working in those production units.

Friends, Railway Ministry wants to put railways on cross roads. Will you save it or be a peace full spectator? I hope, all of you will rise to the occasion and Save the Railways to Save the County.

Let this Diwali bring happiness, health and prosperity to all of you.

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