RBE No. 31 /2015


No. 2008-E(~CT)I/25/6 New Delhi, Dated 27.03.2015
The General Managers(P),
All the Zonal Railways and PUs.
The Director General ,
Sub.: Promotion of SC/ST employees against · reserved vacancies in Stenographers grades. on Railways- Applicability of the best amongst the failures scheme.
Ref.: (i) Board’s letter No. 88-E(SCT)I/23/1 dated 28.06.1995 RB.No.57/95)
(II) Board’s letter No. g.7 -E(SCT)I/25/2 dated 03.03.1997.
References have been received in Board’s office from various Railways e? vacancies In Stenographers grades on Railways.
3. The matter has been examined in this office and it is reiterated that said ‘Best Amongst the Failures Scheme’ is equality applicable in the category of Stenographers also with the same terms and conditions as applicable to other non-safety category posts as laid down in Board’s letter No. 88-E(SCT)I/23/1 dated 28.06.1995(RB.No.57/95) wherever the suitability of the candidates is judged through Written Test and/or Viva-voce etc.
3. It is further clarified that there is no relaxation for SC/ST candidates in the Stenography Speed Test over and above the permissible limit of 10% mistake of total words dictated as per extant instructions of the Board.
The above may please be brought to the notice of all concerned for its strict compliance.

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