Observance of Protest by Ghaziabad Branch on 07.01.2016

On the call of AIRF nationwide protest were held against retrograde recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. Protest meetings/Dharnas/ Marches were all held at Zonal/Divisional and Branch level on 07.01.2016. Pay commission report was submitted on 19.11.2015 to Govt. of India. AIRF went through the report thoroughly and observed many recommendations are retrograde and urged the Government to mend the report or face the wrath of working class. Hence AIRF observed black day on 27.11.2015, which was very successful and Railwaymen were successful in giving clear and stern message to GOI. To spearhead the campaign Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra GS/AIRF submitted Memorandum to Minister for Railways on 17.12.2015 citing clear demands of Railwaymen on 7th Pay Commission report. To take forward the agitation AIRF gave a call to observe protest all across Railway. In this Ghaziabad Branch hold massive protest on 07.01.2016. Pictures of this protest have been uploaded below:-