Sub : Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Helper (G.P. Rs.1800, Level-I, Rs.18000-56900) to Technician-III (G.P.Rs.1900, Level-2, Rs.19900-63200).

In terms of extant provision contained in Board’s letter No.E(NG)I-96/PM7/56 dated 2.2.1998, Helpers (G.P.Rs. 1800, Level-I) possessing the qualifications prescribed in the Apprentice Act, with a minimum of three years regular service are eligible to appear in the Selection against 25% qualified staff quota.

  1. There has been a demand to reduce the residency period from existing three years to two years, at par with residency period of promotion for other categories. This issue has been raised by AIRF in the PNM forum.
  2. Accordingly, the matter has been examined in consultation with the Zonal Railways, PUS & technical directorates of Railway Board and it has been decided that henceforth residency period for Helpers to appear. in selection against 25% qualified staff quota will be two years.

The above instructions will be effective from date of issue of this letter.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Hindi version shall follow.