CLWRMU the proud affiliate of AIRF has observed protest day against non implement of Allowances on the call of AIRF.
Mass Julus, Dharna and Meetings are organized inside the workshop and Work’s Office on 13/06/2017.
A Julus is organized at the shop floor against the central government policies against the Railway employees. Sri S. N. Singh, Sri Sunil Kumar, Sri C. P. Chauhan, Sri A. L. Mahto, Sri Rajesh Balmiki, Sri S. K. Tiwary leaded the mass at different shops. After the Julus all the members and office bearers are gathered in the premises of Works office.
Sri S. N. Singh GS CLWRMU, ZS AIRF addressed the employees and make aware to the current situation and act of Government. He told that how govt delaying to implement of Allowances whereas all the meetings are done from the staff sides, but the government not intended to release the allowances. He raised the voice of youth on Abolition of New Pension Scheme and told them about the achievement of the AIRF on inclusion of the Gratuity benefit in New Pension Scheme. He also told that the minimum wages in 7th CPC should be raised and multiplication factor should be raised. But he also insisted on the involvement of youth in the Union and belief on the Central Leadership. He admitted that whatever we get today is a result of continuous effort made by our prime Leader Sri S. G. Mishra ji. It is a matter of fact that we all have to come under one banner to fight against this Arrogant Govt and his anti labour activities and policies.
After his speech other Leaders of CLWRMU has addressed the mass and insisted on the involvement and faith on the Union.