No.  1/1 2016/E(GR)II/1/1                                             New Delhi, Dated: 28.06.2017

The General Managers, All Indian Railways &
Production Units.

(Kind Attention: Chief Personnel Officer)

Sub: Procedure of engagement of Contract Medical Practitioners (CMPs).

In terms of para 1 (i) Board’s letter No1/1 2016/E(GR)II/1/1dated 28/02/2017, it was decided that Contract Medical Practitioners (CMPs) should be engaged only against the 80% of the vacancies of IRMS. In view of the acute scarcity of doctors on some of the Zonal Railways and references received in this regard from them, the matter has been further examined in Board’s office and it has been decided with the approval of Board that CMPs may be engaged against the total (100%) vacancies of IRMS. However, the number of CMPs engaged and the number of regular IRMS doctors should not exceed the total sanctioned strength on a Zonal Railways at any point of time.

2.  The other instructions issued vide Board’s letter No. 1/1 2016/E(GR)II/1/1 dated 28.02.2017 shall remain unchanged.

3.  This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

(Lily Pandeya)
Director/ Estt.(GC)
Railway Board