As per the directions of AIRF, the SWRMU Hubballi Division & Workshop/Stores/HQ held massive demonstration in front of GM/DRM Offices & Hubballi Workshop on 20th September, 2017 and warned the Govt. of India /Ministry of Railways if any reduction in the number of days from 78 days which was paid last year there will be lot of agitations which may lead to stoppage of train service all over the country. 

               Massive demonstrations were also held in all Offices, Depots & Units all over Hubballi, Bengaluru, Mysuru Divisions & two Major Workshops at Hubballi/Mysuru of South Western Railway jurisdiction to exert pressure on the Government of India/Ministry to pay 78 days PLB.

        At Hubballi, Com.Dr.A.M.D’Cruz, GS/SWRMU Com. R.R.Naik, Zonal President, Com. V. E.Charkhani, Zonal Treasurer, Com. S. F. Mallad,  Com.Smt.Jayalakshmi, Com. K. Venkatesh, Asst.General Secretaries, Com. Edward James, Divl. President/UBL divn, Com.S.A.Albert.D’Cruz, Divisional Secretary/Hubballi, Com.Praveen.E.Patil, Divl Secy/WS, Com.Hiremath, President/UBLS, Com.Jacob, Secy/UBLS & other Divisional/Branch office bearers of SWRMU Hubballi & Workshop division were present and addressed the large gathering of employees in front of DRM/CWM Offices and raised slogans against the Govt., on the inordinate delay in implementing the revised allowances.

        At Bengaluru Division, Com.Fahim Yates, Divl President/SBC, Com.K.V.Raghavendra, Divl Secy/SBC & team of office bearers held massive demonstration in front of DRM/SBC office. Similarly at Mysuru division Com.Somashekar, Divl President/MYS, Com.P.Shivaprakash, DS/MYS with team of Divisional/Branch Office bearers led the protest/demonstrations. At Mysuru Workshop, Com.Yathiraj President & Com.T.D.Anil Kumar, Secy/MYSS led the demonstrations in front of CWM/MYSS Office were large number of comrades participated.

Photos of the demonstration are sent through email.

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