Observance of International Day of Elimination of Violence  against women – 2017.

In consonance to the vision of Com. Venu P. Nair, General Secretary/NRMU “International Day for the elimination of violence against women” was observed on     25-11-2017in Central Railway.  A grand function was organized by Union at Matunga Workshop premises of Mumbai Divn. Hundreds of women employees enthusiastically participated in this  programme. Female Office Bearers and activists were invited to occupy the dias. Proceedings of the programme was conducted by Com. Mrs. Sukhpal Kaur Chairman Matunga Elect. Branch.

Several women staff who were present in the audience exhibited placards, depicting messages related with the issue of violence against women. Com. Geeta  a hardcore  activist of NRMU explained her own experience of violence meted out to her  and her successful fights to bring the culprits booked under the law. Com. Shyam Nayak and Com. Vivek Nair Asst. General Secretaries have explained the importance of observing every 25th of November as the Day of “Elimination of Violence against Women”. They shared brief aspects of Vishaka Guidelines enunciated by the Supreme Court of India in 1997 and of the Sexual harassment of women (Prevention/Prohibition/Redressal) Act 2013 which is formulated by the Government to protect the women from various type of violences inflicting  upon them  in  general and the working women in particular.

Com. Venu P. Nair whose presence on the occasion and his address to the staff have inspired the whole female attendees and other activists who have rendered their maximum efforts and participation for the successful culmination of this function. The meeting was concluded by him with a call to the women staff to come forward and associate with Union activities which in turn will benefit women fraternity to feel proud of themselves and march ahead with all their dignity in their life.