RBE No. 191/2017


No. E(NG)I-2016/IC-2/2                                          New Delhi, dated 07.12.2017
The General Manager(P)s,
All Zonal Railways & Production Units.
(As per standard list).

Sub : Recording of higher academic/educational qualification in the Service Record of employees recruited through RRBs.
In the PNM meeting with AIRF, a demand has been raised that educational qualification acquired by a RRB recruit•ed candidate before joining the Railways which was not mentioned in his/her application form submitted to RRB, may be recorded in the Service Book.
2. This has been considered. Board have decided that if a candidate being recruited t . RRB has acquired higher educational qualification than that mentioned in his/her application form to RRB, entry o such educational qualification may be made in his/her Service Records after due verification subject to the proviso that such course has been completed successfully before joining the railways. past cases need not be re-opened.

Hindi version will follow.

RBE No.191 of 2017 - AIRF's PNM Item No.34 of 2016