Railwaymen always done their duty for Nation by successfully running not only passenger trains and freight trains but Improved systems. Proved their commitment to Nation by transporting military requirements and transported soldiers to war front without fear of getting bombed in all wars with pakisthan and china..Done successfully duty when all country is in lockdown by running freight trains , shramik trains risking their lives when corporates dismissed crores of migrant labourers and throughen them out of jobs and made them to beg in streets. But our so called Patriatic NDA Govt. wants Corporates to run trains at the cost of poor as if they helped Country during crises period. The Govt. already given 2000 crores for them and stopped DA for Govt employees and pensioners waiting for call of God as if they are rich people and can survive even though cost of essentially increased. What type of patriatisam towards poor by this NDA Govt.

They Wants Corporates to become more wealthy by looting and collecting higher fares in the name of best facilities at the cost of poor people of this country. Railwaymen with peoples resources improved Railway facilities. poor people want travel mode not facilities of world class. They travelled by foot thousands of kilometers(miles) and reached homes inspite of no transport. Up course there are so called desh bakthas who do not understand but praise NDA Govt leaders as if there are the only patriatic persons who can save India and it’s people, who built Rama mandir and other temples 100s of years back, brought freedom to country, uplifted India after Independence. Great Freedom fighters Sri Gandhiji, sri Nethaji subhas chandra bose, Sardar Vallbhai patel, etc.did nothing. These NDA leaders only prepared nuclear Bombs, modern roads, Brought TV, Mobile net works, built srihari kota launching site for statilits etc. they tell nation and tell false propaganda as if previous Govts did nothing.

it is the people of this country more important than Corporates., NDA leaders should understand Railwaymen always sacrifice for National Intrest
we protect Railways and fight tooth to nail to stop corporates to loot our poor by taking over Indian Railways. AIRF/SCRMU appeal to All intellectual persons, press media, electronic media, social media, patriatic persons, freedom fighters, MPs MLAs and people who love this nation pl raise your voice and protest selling of Indian Railways CORPORTES are not important andb 100 crores middle class and poor people are important for progress of this great Nation Bharat

jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Jawan, jai kishan,
Zindabad AIRF, SCRMU and HMS
sankara Rao GS SCRMU SC