International Women’s day 2015

International Women’s day (IWD), 2015 was celebrated by affiliates of All India Railway Men’s Federation. Women’s week from 2nd March to 11th March was celebrated to secure the women’s right and to increase the active participation of more and more women in the Trade union Movement. A clarion call to extend solidarity with Jimena Lopez, General Secretary and founder of the Aerolane Workers’ Trade Union (Sindicato de Travajadores De Aeroland, SITA), who has been dismissed from a subsidiary of the LATAM group was a mandatory part of each programme.

During the week various solidarity awareness programmes, seminars, workshops, symposium, campaigns, rallies, welfare activities and meetings were organized in different parts of country by respective zones. Various activities were organized at different parts of India; prominently at Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Allahabad, Amritsar Workshoip, Hyderabad, Pune, Jhansi, Lucknow, Moradabad. Seminars on women empowerment, Health Check-up camps and Campaigns were organized on the subjects such as “Raise your voice against KANYA BHRUN HATYA”, “Violence and harassments against women”, “know your rights and fight for it”, Health check up camps, street plays that attempts to create awareness and sensitize people on atrocities against women and highlights of the heinous violence and harassment against women at working and public places and self defense for women which is an essential requirement for women to survive in atrocious society, were also organized during the week. Social activists, Sr. Leaders, Officials and young women achievers were invited to talk on the empowerment and to boost up the morals and confidence of women workers.

Our affiliates left no stone unturned to consolidate our voice to support Jimena Lopez, thereby ensuring compliance with the core principles of the ILO to reinstate Jimena. Protest March against for such violation of Human Rights in LATAM Airlines group’s subsidiary in Ecuador, was held to join hands together in the solidarity.

On one hand, women are unsafe due to violence/harassment and on the other hand due to anti labour policies of governments; women are first and easy targeted, and are suffering with loads of work. The unions under the esteemed guidance of Veteran Leader Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary/ AIRF are consistently fighting for rights and more facilities to the women employees. Large numbers of privileges are achieved too. Hence fore, the precise reflection of which there is augmentation in IWD programmes throughout the nation and larger number of women actively participated as well.

With the observation of ‘International Women’s Day 2015’ the message of solidarity was spread amongst the women working in transport sector all around the nation, and their mettle was rewarded and recognized as well. Besides being a salute to the spirit of womanhood, Women’s Day is a reminder of vigilance and action required to ensure they gain and maintain equality in all aspects of life.



Annexure A


  1. Delhi 2nd March             Conference
  2. Delhi 4th March              Street play
  3. Lucknow 9th March              Workshop
  4. Moradabad 9th March Awareness programme
  5. Varanasi 9th March              Awareness Programme
  6. Amritsar 9th March              Workshop
  7. Delhi 9th March              Symposium
  8. Haridwar 9th March              Health checkup
  9. Ambala      9th March              Workshop
  10. Jagadhari   9th March              workshop
  11. Jullandher 9th March              Seminar


  1. Ajmer 8th March              Symposium
  2. Jaipur 9th March              Campaign


  1. Hyderabad 9th March              Conference
  2. Guntur 10th  March                  Conference


  1. Ahemdabad 9th March             Conference
  2. Mumbai Parel 9th March Conference


  1. Pune 9th March              Awareness programme
  2. Mumbai 9th March              Symposium


  1. Hubli 9th March              Conference
  2. Bangalore 9th March     Anti violence Campaign


  1. Patna 5th March              Awareness Programme


  1. Nagpur 8th March              Campaign


  1. Chennai 4th March              quiz Competition

                   9th March              Sports fest

                   10th March            indoor games

                   11th March            Cultural programme

  1. Madurai


  1. Kolkotta 5th March              Health checkup Camp
  2. Jamalpur 8th march              conference
  3. Asansol 9th March             Awareness Workshop
  4. Howrah 9th March              Cultural Programme


  1. Vishakhapatnam 5th March Workshop
  2. Bhuvneshwar 9th March    Workshop


  1. Kota 9th March    Symposium
  2. Jabalpur 5th March    Awareness programme


  1. Allahabad 9th March     Seminar on empowerment


  1. Guwahati 8th March    Workshop
  2. New Bangai gaon 8th March Conference
  3. Tinsukhiya 8th March    Conference
  4. Mali Gaon 8th March    Fruit distribution
  5. Alipur 8th March    Fruit distribution/seminar in hospital
  6. Badalpur 8th March    Indoor games


  1. Izzak nagar 9th March   Health check up Camp
  2. Lucknow 10th March  Conference
  3. Gorakhpur 9th March    Seminar
  4. Varanasi 10th March  Symposium


  1. Ranchi 8th March


  1. Kapurthala 9th March

Beside above said programs short programmes were also conducted by our affiliates at-

CLWRMU-Chittaranjan, DLWMU-Varanasi, ICFLU-Chennai, RCFMU-Kapurthala, RWFMU-Bangalore, DCWRMU-Patiala, RDSOKS-Lucknow and MTPRMU-Kolkota.