One year of Government in Office             

Dear comrades,

            New Central Government will be completing its one year after a few days. Lot’s of propaganda for and against will be in media. What’s our opinion and what is yours that count’s much because we are common man and we are the persons who can better evaluate the Govt. in office for a year.

             As a railwaymen I can say that first six months of this Govt. were very   demoralizing to railwaymen right from CRB to trackman.  Railways were abused

like anything not by a user but by Chief Executive of the country.  He said neither our rail has space nor speed. He also said like a salesman that come to our country, we have put “rail on sale”.

            There was obvious reaction to it by railwaymen particularly under banner of AIRF we all protested against his remarks as well as call of privatization

            With the change of leadership in Railways Sh. Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu ji joined Indian Railways has really generated lot of confidence with increased communication as well as meetings with organized labour . His open utterances that railways will not be privatized and its shape will not be changed given lot of moral boost to railwaymen. It was his persuasion that Prime Minister also said that railway will not be privatized.

            Friends, the above is story of one side, on the other side Dr. Bibek Roy Committee report is a roadmap of complete privatization of Railways. These recommendations have been made in spite of our opposition.

            All Central Govt. employees are agitated on their pending demands and more than a lakh have marched on parliament on 28th April, 2015 had also fixed the date for Indefinite Strike from 6.00 a.m. of 23rd November, 2015, if these demands will not be resolved by that time.

            All Central Trade Unions are also preparing for a decisive battle on labour reforms proposed and pushed by Central Govt.

            The farmers are fighting, workers are struggling, prices are increasing, no generation of employment are creating all-round chaos. The service tax has increased but corporate tax has been reduced. More than 62000 crores relief had been provided to corporate but for employees and down trodden they don’t have money. The budget of MNRGA has been reduced.

            Now it is for you to evaluate how was the one year of Govt. in office.

            With Best Wishes,

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