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Com.Shiva Gopal Mishra ji

General Secretary/AIRF/NDLS

Dear Comrade,


The South Western Railway Mazdoor Union (SWRMU) celebrated ‘International Workers Day’ (May Day) in befitting manner on 01.05.2016 at 10.30 hours in the Union Office, Gadag Road, Hubballi.

The Central Office bearers, Divisional office bearers & members of the Union from Hubballi division, Hubballi Workshop, Stores, Headquarters went in procession from Main Union Office passing through Railway Under Bridge, BSNL Office, and Dr.Ambedkar Circle and back to Union Office and followed by public meeting.

The General Secretary/SWRMU Com. Dr.A.M.D’Cruz, addressing the gathering recalled the sacrifice of the workers in the year 1886 at Chicago .The Workers Day has its origins in the labour union movement due to the general strike for eight hour workday i.e, eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest. GS/SWRMU speaking abouit 8 hours duty roster for Running Staff particularly Loco Pilots (Drivers) which is strictly not followed by Railway Board instead Loco Pilots (drivers) are made to work in excess of 8 hours & Pointsman are made to work upto 10-12 hours without proper resting time. Till date AIRF/SWRMU is fighting with Railway Board to bring down the working hours to 8 hours to all Running Staff particularly Loco Pilots, Asst.Station Masters, Pointsman etc, so that safety of passengers (1000-2000 passengers in each train) can be ensured and human error can be avoided

The GS/SWRMU also spoke about recent developments and the delay in the 7th Pay Commission implementation.The Central Government employees are fighting for their genuine rights of Pay commission but the Government of India is not showing any positive sign to implement. The 7th Pay Commssion which was said to be implemented from 01.01.2016 but still date it is not implemented.The Government during the last Empowered Committee meeting with Secretaries had assured to implement by June-2016 but reports are appearing in media that Pay Commssion will be implemented only in the month of September-2016, due to which many allowances from date of effect of Pay Commission i.e, 01.01.2016 will be denied.The Govt is wantedly delaying the Pay Commission which is causing hardship to Central Government Employees. Com.Dr.A.M.D’Cruz, GS/SWRMU also said that AIRF Standing Committee is said to meet on 10th May, 2016 to discuss the future course of action.

In preparation to May Day celebration, Union Soccer League (Football tournament) was conducted from 19th to 22nd April,2016 at Chelli Ground,Gadag Road,Hubballi in which Hubballi Workshop (Furnishing Shop ) team were the eventual winners & Hubballi Workshop ( Fitting Shop) wre the runners.

Similarly, Union Cricket League (Cricket tournament) was conducted from 23rd to 26th April, 2016 at Chelli Ground & Railway Sports Ground, Club Road, Hubballi in which team from Vasco-Da- Gama branch (Goa) were the winners & MSD (Mechanical Store Depot) branch were the runners. On 30th April, 2016 at 6 PM Singing & Cultural programmes were arranged in the Union office premises.

A special cash award was handed over to Com.K.J.Thomas, Loco Pilot/Exp/UBL who in time alerted the administration and avoided major train accident in UBL division.

Later Com.Dr.A.M.D’Cruz,GS/SWRMU distributed Mazdoor Samman Award’ & Certificates to two employees from each of the 50 branches of S.W.Rly.Mazdoor Union  (Hubballi, Bengaluru & Mysuru divisions, Hubballi, Mysuru Workshops, Stores and HQ)  in recognition to their dedicated & loyal service to Railways & S.W.R.M.Union. Prizes were distributed to Winners & Runners of Cricket & Football tournaments which was conducted from 19th to 26th April, 2016.

Com.R.R.Naik, Zonal President, Com. V.E.Charkhani, Zonal Treasurer, Com. S.F. Mallad, Com.S.A.Albert D’Cruz, Com. Smt.Jayalakshmi, Asst.Genl.Secretaries, Com.Edward James, Divisional President/Hubballi, Com.I.Joseph, Divisional Secretary/Hubballi and Com.Praveen.E.Patil,Divl.Secretary/Workshop, Com.Y.Jacob,Secretary/Hubballi Workshop, and other branch secretaries & office bearers were present on the occasion.

Later lunch was arranged to all the union members present on the occasion.

This is for your information & kindly publish in your esteemed bulletin.