Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)

S. No. 6/PC-VII                                       RBE No.: 113/2016
File No. PC-VII/2016/RSRP/3            New Delhi, dated: 26.09.2016
The General Manager/CAOs(R),
All India Railways & Production Units,
(As ·per mailing list)

Sub: – Clarification regarding bunching of stages in the revised pay structure under RS(RP) Rules, 2016.

The recommendations of ih CPC w.r.t. bunching of stages has been examined by Ministry of Finance and it has been decided that in cases where in revision of pay, the pay of Government servants drawing pay at two or more stages in pre-revised Pay Band and Grade Pay or scale, as the case may be, get fixed at same Cell in the applicable Level in
the new Pay Matrix, one additional increment shall be given for every two stages bunched and the pay of Government servant drawing higher pay in pre-revised structure shall be fixed in the next vertical Cell in the applicable Level.
2. For this purpose, pay drawn by two Government servants in a given Pay Band and Grade pay or Scale where the higher pay is at least 3% more than the lower pay shall constitute two stages. Officers drawing pay where the difference is less than 3% shall not be entitled for this benefit.
3. As per illustration given in para 5.1 .37 of the Report of the th Central Pay Commission, if two persons drawing pay of Rs. 53,000 and Rs. 54,590 in the GP Rs. 10,000 are to be fitted in the new Pay Matrix, the person drawing pay of Rs. 53,000 on multiplication by a factor of 2.57 will expect a pay corresponding to Rs.’ .1,36,21 0 and the person drawing pay of Rs. 54,590 on multiplication by a factor of 2.57. will expect a pay corresponding to Rs. 1 ,40,296. Revised pay of both should ideally by fixed in the first cell of Level14 in the pay of Rs. 1,44,200 but to avoid bunching the person drawing pay of Rs. 54,590 will get fixed in second cell of Level 1,4 in the pay of Rs. 1 ,48,500.

Deputy Director, Pay Commission-VII
Railway Board

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