No. 2007/H/23/5 (Appliances) New Delhi, Dated: 04.10.2016.
General Manager,
AU Indian Railways
{Including PUs & RDSO)

Sub:- Procurement of Insulin pumps for the Railway beneficiaries regarding
Ref:- This offiice letter No. 2014/H/6-1/24 dated 19.01.2015 -(F/x).


AIRF vide their PNM Item No. 27/2014 has raised the issue of reimbursement of expenses towards purchase of Insulin Pump in case of diabetic patients. During deliberation of the case, it was decided that reimbursement of expenses towards Insulin Pump for the particular case mentioned by the Federation in the PNM Item would be considered. Accordingly, Zonal Railway was advised. During the deliberations in the PNM meeting it was further decided that Health Directorate will issue policy guidelines for procurement of insulin pumps and other similar equipments as a whole.

In view of above, the issue whether the power of procurement of Insulin Pump etc. to be supplied to railway medical beneficiaries at Zonal level rests with the Zones/PUs or otherwise, was examined in consultation with Finance Directorate in the light of policy issued on 19.01.2015 for procurement of Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) duly concurred by Finance. Finance has remarked that in the policy guideline dated 19.01.2015 it was clearly mentioned that for procurement of medical items, power has already b~en delegated to the General Managers.

Accordingly, it is clarified that any medical item such as insulin pump etc. may be purchased by the Zone/PUs on recommendation of the doctor duly endorsed by Medical Board comprising of at least one physician in case of insulin pump and concet.”ned specialist in other cases, subject to adherence of cost ceiling, if any, stipulated for item by Board/ CGHS.
This has the approval of Director General (RHS) in the Ministry of Railways.

Director (Health)
Rallway Board