Dear Comrades,

Up till now it was prevalent for private employers where they interfere with the functioning of the unions. They used to declare that who will be the office bearer of the union and many times does not recognize the vocal office bearer. The most surprising is 30th January letter of the Railway Board where they have asked to General Managers to the derecognize the union office bearer working in GP Rs 4200 and 4600 in safety cadre w.e.f.31.03.2017. We have never seen in the past such blatant and illegal orders of the Board.

Poster Photo of MISHRA JI(i)Railway Board has not gone through the Indian Trade Union Act, nor they have any respect for the “ILO Convention 87”, “Right To Organize”. They have directly interfered in the internal functioning of the union and have dictated that who can become office bearers of the union. It means Railway Board will direct us that who will be eligible to become office bearers of the union. It is complete unfair labour practice.

Aggrieved with the above, on the clarion call of AIRF lakhs of railwaymen protested against this order of the Railway Board on 6th February 2017, organized “Black Day” by wearing black badges. The interference of the Railway Ministry in the internal affairs of the unions has created lots of agitation in the mind of the Railwaymen. Though we are negotiating on this issue with CRB, but the railwaymen will agitate on this issue till these orders are withdrawn.

 Rail Budget this time had been a three minutes affair. Nothing special has been there except Rupees Five Thousand crore extra as Safety Fund.

E-magazine AIRF February 2016 has been uploaded below:-

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