Labour Reforms through states

Dear Comrades,

The Government of India, since beginning, after getting massive mandate in 2014, is pursuing labour reforms on behalf of the Prime Minister. 44 Labour Laws have been converted into four Codes in the name of simplification, but if one will analyze, they will find that all the changes have been drawn in favour of the employers.

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For registration of the union the member number has been increased, for application of the Factories Act the number of employees has been increased in such a way so that thousands of factories will be out of Factories Act. For any call of strike the stringent rules had been made for victimizing striking workers and leaders as well as the union give call will also be penalized. The reforms will also restrain the unions to have leaders of their choice, and if it is implemented, the labour leaders of experience will be barred in one go and they will not be able to hold any office in the union. The reform has nothing for workers, but definitely has been in favour of corporate and that is the reason they are pressing hard for its implementation. The Government sees present labour laws a stumbling block in investments or FDI and wanted to push them through as quickly as possible.

In the Lok Sabha they have majority and that’s why they have cleared it from there while being in minority in Rajya Sabha now they have left the onus of labour reforms to State Governments. The Ruling Party at Central has vast majority in many states they are pursuing them to bring legislation on labour reforms like Gujarat and Rajasthan in their states. If they succeed, the labour across the country will face lots of problems and the labour laws will become teeth less.

All India Railwaymen’s Federation in its Working Committee, held at Madgaon from 13th to 14th February, 2017, had resolved and called upon all the Central Trade unions to come on one platform along with the federation and fight against the labour reforms to safeguard the interests of the workers in the country.

 With Fraternal Greetings!

shiva gopal mishra


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