No.NC/JCM/2017                                                                                                                                         Dated: May 23, 2017

 The Cabinet Secretary,

(Government of India),

Cabinet Secretariat,

Rashtrapati Bhawan,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Inordinate delay in implementation of the report of the Committee on Allowances    

 It is a matter of regret that, in spite of all the persuasions made by the Staff Side(JCM) there is inordinate delay in finalization of recommendations of the Ashok Lavasa Committee on Allowances. More than one year and three months have passed after implementation of the report of the VII CPC, but the employees are still getting allowances at the old rates as had been recommended by the VI CPC.

 The Committee on Allowancestook longer time while finalizing its recommendations, but it is a matter of deep regret that, even after submission of the report by the said committee, the same has not been made available to the Staff Side(JCM), therefore, we do not know what recommendations have been made by the said committee.

 Staff Side(JCM), therefore, requests that the recommendations of the Allowances Committee should be made available to the Staff Side(JCM).

Moreover, it would be highly appreciated that, the Allowances should be implemented without any further delay, and the date of the implementation should be w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

With Kind Regards!

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