No. 2012/CE-111/BR/R1y.Federations                                                   New Delhi, dtd. 03.07.2017

The President
4, State Entry road,
New Delhi -110055.

Sub: Development of Engineering Workshop in Indian Railways.
Ref: Your letter No. AIRF/83(889) dated 15.06.2017.

With reference to the above letter, this is to advise that the Committee, constituted for holistic review of each workshop, in its Report, has analysed the age profile of the old machines and deliberated upon replacement of old machines and induction of new state-of-the-art machineries to improve efficiency, output and quality of fabrication of the Civil Engineering Workshops.

2.0 Accordingly, the action for modernisation and technological upgradation of the Civil Engineering workshops (Bridge Workshops) is already being taken by replacing the old machineries with new machineries, procuring new state-of-the-art modern machines and improving/augmenting of existing infrastructure etc.

3.0 A work of comprehensive modernisation of Civil Engineering Workshop (Bridge Workshop), Lucknow / Northern Railway at a cost of Rs 39.98 crores has already been sanctioned in Budget 2016-17. This include M&P of approx Rs 25.81 crores. Other workshops have been advised to propose comprehensive modernisation works in next Budget.

Director Civil Engg./B&S
Railway Board.