Government of India(Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Railway(Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)

D-43/22/2017-F(E)III                                                               New Delhi, Dated 29.06.2017

The GMs/FA&CAOs,
All Indian Railways/Production Units,
(As per mailing List)

Subject:-Amendment to the provisions of State Railway Provident Fund — liberalization of provisions for drawal of advance from the Fund by the Subscribers regarding.

 The provisions for drawal of advance by the subscribers from the State Railway Provident Fund are contained in Rule 923 of the Indian Railway Establishment Code(lREC) Vol.I/1985—Edition, Some amendments have been made from time to time to address the concerns raised by the subscribers. There is a felt need to liberalize the provisions, raise the limits and simplify the procedure.

  1. The provisions of Rule 923(g) of the Code ibid have now been reviewed and it has been decided to permit the subscriber to withdraw an advance from the State Railway Provident Fund (SRPF) for the following purpose
  • Illness of self, family members or dependents,
  • Education of family members or dependent of the subscriber. Education will include primary, secondary and higher education, covering all streams and educational institutions,
    • Obligatory Expenses viz. betrothal, marriage. funerals, or other ceremonies,
    • Cost of Legal proceedings,
    • Cost of defence,
    • Purchase of consumer durables,
    • Pilgrimage and visiting places of eminence. This will include any travel and tourism related activities.
  1. It has been decided to enhance the limit of advance upto 12 months of pay or three-fourths of the amount at credit whichever is less. The amount of advance will be recoverable in a maximum of 60 installments. The advance may be sanctioned by the Controlling Officer.
  2. Advance may be sanctioned and payment can be made from Fund in a maximum time limit fifteen days. However in case of emergencies like illness etc., the time limit may be restricted to seven days.
  3. The Controlling Officer is competent to sanction an advance from the Fund for the items mentioned in para 2 above as well as for any other item also on merits, at his/her discretion.
  4. In all above cases of advance, no documentary proof is required to be furnished by the subscribers. A simple declaration by the subscriber explaining the reasons for advance would be sufficient.