CRB Looks Positive on Charter Demands

Dear Comrades!

Many changes have been announced ever since Shri. Ashwani Lohani, joined as Chairman of Railway Board (CRB). Major announcement includes- immediate end to the VIP culture, all senior officers to spend maximum time in field duty, There is massive devolution of powers at the Divisional and Station level officers and functions & powers of the Railway Board has been trimmed to keep it as supervisory top body. He also emphasize on dealing with the evils of corruption, sexual harassment at workplaces. CRB urges railway employee to work in mission mode to bring about quantitative and qualitative improvements in short time frame.

He also said that, for him railway employees, not the customers, come first.  He believes that a contented and happy employee is the prerequisite for the success of any organization. And this great organisation is no exception; therefore, employee welfare is the core concern of all railwaymen. It is very encouraging for railway employee that, CRB has asked to all senior officials to relieve all the railway staff who has been engaged as domestic help in their homes. These staff is very crucial for railway safety. Last month, during a visit to a running room (where drivers and guards usually rest) in Allahabad, he ordered that air-conditioning facility be provided in all running rooms in the country. This is a welcoming decision, as it was pending of our running staff member.

It is also a very happy occasion that our president demanded of employees’ charter has been conceded and order has been issued by Railway Board. It those are implemented employees will definitely get lot of relief. Again, giving importance to employee up to grassroots level he encouraged senior staff to interact with employee up to grassroots level as these employees are railways’ strength and senior officials should listen to their subordinates, who have a right to express their opinions.

The railwaymen worked round the clock to keep the wheels on move. We worked in every condition and every situation; but at the same time we also raise our concern and demands for the better working and living condition. While, we welcome the CRB thoughts and concern and the initiative he has taken so far and believe that our charter of demand will be fulfilled at the earliest.

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