Budget may bring some cheers

Dear Comrades!

 The Central Government will present its fifth and final budget on 1st February, 2018, which will be the last of its before the next 2019 general elections. Taking lessons from the last Gujarat elections where rural voter has almost denied the Ruling Party because of the agrarian distresses, which has compelled the farmers and the agricultural labour to vote against the Ruling Party, will definitely bring some bonanzas for the farmers, who are raising their voice against non-resolution of their demands.

Friends!  Recently CAGs report has also raised alarms against parking of huge funds in many of the Central Government sponsored schemes for Smart City Yojna, Clean Ganga/Jamuna Rivers, Housing, Sanitation and Water Supply Projects has not been delivered the results as was desired as well huge amount had been remained unspent, which shows clearly the callous attitude and casual way of working of the bureaucrats.

The recent decision of the Cabinet  for 49%  introducing of  the FDI into the Air India as well as 100% entry of the FDI in the real-estate and single route trade,  which has been earlier opposed by same people when they were in the opposition. Nobody knows, with such reforms how much country will be benefitted, but the small traders are up in arms pursuing their business will be ruined.

Friends!  In the Railways, there is very serious financial crunch, but that cannot be filled by their short term methods.

The Indian Railways, unlike other Government Departments cannot afford such luxury, which may cause frustration in the countrymen. It is, therefore, utmost need of the day, if appropriate amount be allocated from the General Budget for not only proper maintenance and operation of the Indian Railways, but also for capacity augmentation.


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