New Delih April 10th, 2018

No.E(NG)I/2011/PM 1/2
(1) The General Manager (P)
All Zonal Railways & Pus
(As per standard list)
(2) The Chairman:
(a) Railway Recruitment Boards;
(b) Railway recruitment Cells
Sub: General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25% net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group C categories ~ Extension of currency upto 31.03.2018
Since the introduction o. f the scheme of GDCE vide Board’s Letter No. E(NG)- 192/PM2/16 dated 20.08.1993 for one year, the currency of the same is being extended from time to. time, and the same was last extended upto 31.03.2. 018 vide this Ministry’s letter if even number dated 08.03.2016.

In view of the request made by both the federations and some of the Zonal Railways for continuance of the scheme, the matter has been considered by tt:le Board and it has been decided to extend the currency of the GDCE scheme for a further period of 2 years i.e upto 31.03.2020.
The instructions regarding the clarification/modification in the GDCE scheme issued from time to time may also be kept in view while’ implementing the same .
Please acknowledge receipt.

(D.Josep )
Joint Director Estt (N)
Railway Board
New Delhi, dated: · 10.04.2018