ITF-NRMU Zonal Women committee meeting was held on 17-18 May 2018 at T N Bajpai Memorial Hall New Delhi. It was a close group meeting of Zonal women committee and Divisional Women chairpersons and conveners, to focus how to organise and strengthen women in our industry as well to organisation.

Day one- Session starts with welcome of participants by chairperson NRMU women’s wing (W.W) com Praveena Singh. Com Harjeet Kaur CVP NRMU,Com Saroj Dixit Chief Patron NRMU/W.W, Com Pushpa Gupta Patron NRMU W.W, Com Sonia Hasiza Treasure NRMU W.W shared their valuable words of experiences. The programme was inaugurated by Com S.K.Tyagi President NRMU.

He said although women wing is working well but in few of areas its need to be more focused and women have all power to organise and strengthen trade union moment you are resource person for other women in industry. He also said that NRMU is committed for equality and justice, forth coming time is full of challenges, your commitment will lead the strategy to fight for workers and their secure future.Com D. N Choubey AGS NRMU came from Moradabad to motivate women leaders, he said that we understand that there are more challenges in front of women leaders, but quite pleasing to see as you all are giving your best to uplift the status of women and empowered them, NRMU W,W is one of the best W.W working in entire Indian Railways. Com Vikram AGS NRMU said it is pleasure to see women from all over the zones are here with great zeal to strengthen women fraternity of NRMU, my all the best wishes for forthcoming two days..Com. Anoop Sharma Div.Sec. Delhi div said AIRF/NRMU believes in gender equality since the time when rare women were in Indian Railway that time Com  Ms Maibenkara was president of AIRF, so you aall are fortunate and come forward with all dedication. Com Upendra Singh Div. Sec. Accounts Div. suggested an experiment CHAI PER CHARCHA with women at your work place as tool kit to organise more women, as he is doing in his division. Com Jaya Agarwal Chairperson AIRF W.W thanked all for astonishing performance of women fraternity in relay hunger strike, she said I personally visited many braches within three days and it is really privileged to see that in each branch women were shouldering equal enthusiasm, courage and participation. She said this right time come forward with all commitment and dedication to fight with any of the challenge. In the second session of first half Com Praveena asked for Report of their division the report was given as:-

Com Preeti Singh for young women

Com Sunita Bhatia for Headuatrers Div.

Com Sailesh Shukla for WorkShop Div.     

Com Anita Rawat for Accounts Div.

Com Pawan Kumari for Delhi Div.

Com Sadhana Gaon for Lucknow Div.

Com Pradeep Kaur for Moradabad Div.

Com Bhawana for Firozpur Div.

Com Neelam for Bridge Div.

Com S G Mishra G S NRMU/AIRF joined the session, and he said that it is pleasant to see that you all are performing very well and definitely your commitment, hard work and participation in mass giving new edges to the organisation. All of you are independent but also on other hand should be disciplined and do all good work if you feel any problem, don’t be hesitate and talk to your leaders we all are there for your help assistance and guidance. You all are here for two days discuss your issues/challenges and make future plans. He also mentioned that while discussing organising focus on young women as organising youth is mandatory and women and men are equal in our organisation.

The post lunch session was taken by Com Nishi Kapahi women Coordinator/ Educator Asia Pacific ITF, she explained Future planning, and she start this with an activity:-what is your vision, after where you wish to see your union? All participants wrote their vision on stick slip and pasted on a wall,

After vision she asked:-What is your mission, what you will contribute to fulfil your vision? Thus each participant gave its vision and mission which was actually tool for future five year plan.

She also guided with the new ideas of organising :- through gave them participation, recognisetion, allot them work/responsibilities, make active, built confidence and also by improving working conditions, built collective power, improve industry health and economy, resolving problems. Be a good listener and always ask personal choices and put open ended question to council someone about union, It is prime duty of a women leader to produce neat and clean image of union among worker. Day one ends with the home work of mapping of your workplace.

Day two-An activity on mapping and list building was done by participants.

Networking and social media was taken by Com Jaya  Agarwal, she educate about importance and Correct/proper  uses of social media in present era. She also emphasises to  regular visit to AIRF/NRMU website to well equipped yourself with latest updation Do’s and don’ts of watsapp was also explained to the participants  for better use of social media in strengthen our organisation as well also to crevice the rumours.

A presentation on Women Advocacy-Mahila sangini was given by Com Poonam Dabas, the origin, concept need and importance of Mahila sangini was well explained by Poonam Dabas.

A brief session was on sexual harassment was taken by Nishi Kapahi, she explained sexual committee on Vishakha Guidelines 1997 and also new law on Sexual Harassment Committee of Women at workplace( prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013.General Secretary Com S G Mishra AIRF/NRMU was present in the closing session to motivate women leaders.Com Praveena briefed him abouth activities done during two days.

Com Praveena Singh put her resolution for adopting Sexual Harassment policy  in Union to protect women leaders with impossibilities a resolution for construction of  Mahila Sagini  team in union to assist victim was kept by Poonam Dabas. Both of the resolutions were unanimously seconded by all and accepted by General Secretary subject to passing of the same in Zonal standing committee to be held on 11th May 2018. Com S G Mishra Congratulate entire committee for successful two days workshop and said this will reach at its goal when you all will discuss all the learnt here with the women working in your division he said we have equipped you with our constitutional changes by provision of one women office bearer at each level, now it’s your responsibilities to extend your hands and organise more and more women and strengthen them, this will automatically strengthen our organisation too.He presented a momento to all of the participants.

Com Divya Sharma Convener NRMU W.W present vote of thanks to each and one for their valuable contribution.