E(NG)I/2011/PM 717                          New Delhi, dated:- June 27/2018

The General Secretary,
All India Railwaymen Federation,
(AIRF) 4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi- 110055.

Sub: Granting promotion opportunity as JE against 25% intermediate Apprentice Quota to those Technicians initially appointed as Technician-III on compassionate grounds – (PNM/ AIRF Item No.25/2011 and PNM/NFIR Item No.38/2015- agenda sent to Railway Board on 11.06.2015)reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Item No.25/2011 of PNMI AIRF and Item N0.38/2015 ofPNM/NFIR on the above subject and to state that the matter has been further deliberated upon in the light of the last round of discussion with both the Federations in the respective PNMs. It may be recollected that while AIRF have expressed their reservation on Board’s proposal sent to both the Federations for comments vide letter of even number dated 16.03.2015, NFIR have completely rejected the same. In view of this, it was decided that Board’s proposal referred to above may be dropped and status-quo may be maintained. The Federation were informed accordingly vide letter of even number dated 28.03.2016.

It is felt that both the Federations should encourage those who are appointed on Compassionate Grounds as Trainee Artisans to appear in RDAT, so that they have a formal qualification, which would be better for their own future also.

Yours faithfully,

for Secretary/Railway Board