No.2011/H/28/l/RELHS/Court Case                                          New Delhi, Dated-31.07.2018
General Managers,
All Indian Railways
lnciuding PUs, RDSO & NAIR

Sub:- AIRF PNMltem No.19/2016- Proviision for exclusion of retiring railway employees from mandatory joining of RELHS- 97.

Ref:- Railway Board’s Jetter of cnn number dared 31.05.2012.


Vide Board’s letter cited under reference joining of Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme (RELHS) -97 had been made mandatory for all retiring railway employees without any exit clause whatsoever. However, repeated requests are being received from retiring railway employees to provide an exit clause from joining RELHS – 97. In some cases Hon’ble Court has also ordered for exclusion of certain retiring railway employees from mandatory joining of RELHS- 97.

The matter has been examined in consultation with Finance Directorate and it has been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority that exclusion from mandatory joining of RELHS -97 may be given in cases of those…