RBE 119/2018


No. E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/22                                   New Delhi, dated 20.08.2018

The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways/Production Units,
(As per standard mailing list).

Sub: Filling up of vacancies on the Railways.

Attention is invited to instructions contained in Board’s letter no. E(NG)II/2007 /RR-1/ 10/Pt.(110865) dated 25.06.2014 specifying the various factors which must be taken into account while computing vacancies for placing indents. It was inter alia mentioned therein that staff likely to go out on transfer to other Railways/Divisions in a
particular calendar year must also be accounted for in the pool of vacancies while placing indents with the Recruiting Agencies.
It has been observed that large number of applications for Inter Railway transfers are pending on Railways. Such transfers have a direct bearing on railway working, especially in terms of manpower because of huge gap between outflow and inflow of staff.
It is, therefore, reiterated that while  placing indents for fresh recruitment notifications in future the computation of vacancies must bedone duly taking into account all the penqing requests of Inter-Railway transfers. For this purpose, requests forwarded to the recipient Railway /Division as on the cut off date of assessment of vacancies should
be regarded as pending requests. Action may be taken accordingly henceforth.
Please acknowledge receipt. ·

Jt. Director/E(NG)II
Railway Board