RBE NO. 180/2018

No. E(NG)II/1998/RC-I/64                                        New Delhi, dated 27.11.2018

The General Manager(P)
All Zonal Railways/Production Units etc.

Sub:- Appointment on Compassionate Grounds – Delegation of power – reg.

Attention is invited to this Ministry’s letter No. E(NG)II/2009/RC-1/SCR/39 dated 04.06.2010 (RBE No. 80/2010) wherein Board had the power to consider appointment on compassionate grounds in Grade Pay Rs. 4200/- and above (Level-6 and Level-7 in 7th CPC Pay Matrix) where direct recruitment quota is 25% or lesser and para 2 of Board’s letter No. E(NG)II/1998/RC-1/64 dated 31.05.2011 (RBE No. 77/2011) whereby these powers were delegated to General Managers.

2. It has now been decided by the Board that DRMs/CWMs/HODs may consider appointment on Compassionate Grounds up to Level-6 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix. However General Mangers power to consider case of Level-7 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix will remain the same.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(Neeraj Kumar)
Director Estt.(N)II
Railway Board