Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

No. 2017/SCC/03/06 ‘ New Delhi, Dated 17.12.2018
General Managers
Zonal Railways, PUs,
JR RPF Training Academy etc.

Sub: Completion of APARs for the year 2017-18 in SPARROW.
Ref: (i) Board’s letters of even number dated 15.03.18, 31.05.2018 and 26.07.18. ‘ ·
(ii) Secretary, Railway Board’s d.o. letter dated 06.09.2018
(iii) Secretary, Railway Board’s letter of even number dated 07.12.18.

Attention is invited to this Ministry’s instructions contained in letters referred above mandating that entire APAR process (i.e. self appraisal to finalization of representation, if any) for the year 2017-18 are to be completed by 31.12.18, giving a clear time schedule (copy enclosed for ready reference) for each step. It was also directed to bring this to the notice of all concerned.

2. Since non-finalization of APARs for the year 2017-18 will result in delay in formation of Selection Grade Panels of various Railway Services; Railway/PUs etc. may please ensure that the time schedule is strictly adhered to.

3. Also, it may be brought to the notice of all officers that APAR being ‘Not Written’ on account of · non-submission of self-appraisal in time is different from ‘No Report Certificate’ due to officer being on training, leave, superannuation of reporting/reviewing officers etc. Hence, APARs ‘Not Written’ due to reasons attributable to officers can be viewed seriously at the time of DPC and may also have adverse consequences.

4. Necessary action may be taken accordingly.

( Pramila H Bhargava )
Joint Secretary(Conf.)
Railway Board

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