95th Annual General Convention of AIRF is being held from 04-06-012-2019 at Chennai. On 04.12.2019, convention was inaugurated by holding Youth Convention.
Day 1 Youth Convention and Safety Seminar:- Young Railway Workers in huge numbers from all affiliates of AIRF participated in Youth Convention and safety seminar held on 04.12.2019. Speaking on the Occasion, Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra/GS/AIRF said that participation of youth workers in Trade Union Activities has become important in the backdrop of bit by bit privatization of Indian Railways and implementation of Anti Labour policies by Govt. and Railway Administration. He said that with the implementation of New Pension System, youth workers is feeling cheated and finding himself/herself insecure socially and economically. NPS is by no means benefiting the workers because of volatile market conditions all over the world. He said in current situation when the country and world is reeling under economic slowdown, if employee covered under NPS retires, he/she would get much lesser amount invested in NPS forget 13%-18% annual return, which is claimed very proudly by PFRDA. Government has failed to ensure the minimum returns on NPS that has put a bigger question mark on whole system. AIRF has spearheaded the sustained struggle since the implementation of NPS. He said that AIRF with sustained struggle had managed to incorporate the provision of Gratuity and Family Pension in NPS, but AIRF will not sit idle till the minimum guaranteed pension is ensured for the staff coming into the purview of NPS.

Bro. Steve Cotton/ITF General Secretary also graced the occasion by extending unflinching support to the workers of the AIRF. Bro. Steve Cotton praised the praised the AIRF for keeping its red flag high in the struggle for the working class.