No.AIRF/55                                                                                                                                  Dated: August 12, 2021

The Secretary(E),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Re-deployment of Loco Running Staff/Motorman involved in SPAD cases

Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.E(MPP)2016/19/2 dated 09.11.2016, letter No.2017/Safety(A&R)/18/11 dated 01.01.2018, letter No.E(NG)I/2002/PM1/31 dated 15.04.2019 and letter No.2019/Safety(DM)/20/1 dated 20.08.2019

After regular persuasion of AIRF and considering recommendations of the High Power Committee, Railway Board under their letter supra dated 19.11.2016 issued instructions in regard to minimum punishments to the staff in SPAD cases. As per instructions, punishment to be given, taking into account gravity of the offence(repercussion of the SPAD) and also Loco Pilot’s past record. It was further mentioned that the Appellate Authority, after taking into account contributory factors and past record of Loco Pilot, may restore running duties of such Loco Pilots after Re-training and Fresh Psycho Test. As far as Psycho(Aptitude) Test is concerned, Railway Board had constituted a committee to review existing mechanism on multiple cut-off for ALPs. Railway Board vide their letter ibid dated 15.04.2019 has communicated acceptance on the recommendations of the committee. Para (iii) of Railway Board’s letter dated 15.04.2019 reads as under:-

“Maximum three attempts may be allowed to in service employees after a gap of minimum three months between each to become eligible for induction into the Safety Categories posts.”

Upon references of Southern and Central Railways, Railway Board vide their letter dated 20.08.2019 have clarified as under:-

“A Running Staff who was involved in SPAD should be allowed only one attempt for the psychological test. In case the staff fails in the psychological test, he/she should be taken out from running duties and deployed in stationary/non running duties”.

In view of the foregoing, Board are requested to communicate necessary instructions to all the Zonal Railways for allowing three attempts to Loco Pilots, involved in SPAD, for clearing Psycho Test.