MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (रेलवे मंत्रालय)

RAILWAY BOARD (रेलवे बोर्ड)

No. 2015/H/28/ClaimDisposals

New Delhi, dated- 13.12.2022

General Managers

All Indian Railways Including PUs, RDSO & NAIR.

Sub: Guidelines for special provisions to railway beneficiaries of age 80 years and above.-reg.

Ref: This office letter of even number dated 19.04.2018.

With reference to the above mentioned subject, the approval of Competent communicated for special provisions to the railway beneficiaries aged 80 years and above, in continuation of earlier guidelines in this regard, as per the details given below:

(i) Consultation of Doctors at Hospitals and Health Units without standing in Queue. The beneficiaries aged 80 and above shall no longer need to stand in a queue for consulting doctors at Hospitals and Health Units.

(ii) Settlement of medical claims of beneficiaries aged 80 years and above should be out of turn on a priority basis.

It is reiterated that the zones must ensure that the claims of medical reimbursement in case of railway beneficiaries aged 80 and above should be setteled on priority basis.

(Mrs. H. K. Sanhotra) (श्रीमती एच. के. संहोत्रा)

(Dir./ Health) (./at.)

(Railway Board) (रेलवे बोर्ड)