(RAILWAY BOARD रेलवे बोर्ड)

No. 2023/H-1/19/01/AIRF

New Delhi, Dated 20.03.2023

Pr. Chief Medical Directors, All Indian Railways.

Pr. Chief Medical Officers, All Production Units.

Sub:- Denial of medical facility to Quasi-Administrative Staff and other Categories of staff in the absence of UMID Card.

AIRF has raised the issue of denial of medical facility to Quasi-Administrative Staff in the absence of UMID card and requested for issuance of UMID Medical Cards to these staff or alternative arrangements/procedure so that medical facility could be availed by the Quasi-Administrative Staff.

The matter of issuance of UMID Medical Cards to Quasi-Administrative Staff was referred to Establishment Directorate and PED/Staff has minuted as under:

“There should not be any inclusion of Quasi Administrative staff in IPAS/HRMS & hence they may not be able to be linked to UMID & will have to be dealt as at present or any solution to be

In order to provide Railway Medical facilities to Quasi Administrative Offices Staff and other categories of staff who are eligible to take treatment as per IRMM 2000 but cannot be issued UMID card, it has been decided that these staff may continue avail Railway Medical facilities on old medical Card under temporary registration in HMIS.

This has the approval of Competent Authority.

K. Sadha (Dr. K. Sridhar/ 31. 5. After)

Railway Board / रेलवे बोर्ड

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