No. 2020/F(E)II/ All/ 1 Dated 19.01.2024

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

The General Manager,

All Indian Railways and Production Units
(As per standard list)
Subject: Rates of Daily Allowance for official tours abroad -reg.
Ref Board’s letter No. F(E)II/96/All/1 dated 04.02.1997.
Ministry of Railways had adopted and circulated the instructions on the subject vide the above referred letter of the Board.

  1. Now, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), in supersession to their order Q/FD/695/1/90 dated 11.11.1996 have revised the rates of daily allowance for official tours vide their order No. Q/FD/695/03/2000 dated 25.09.2023 and other conditions applicable on the matter have also been updated/revised.
  2. In view of the above, it has been decided by the Board that instructions of MEA dated 25.09.2023 need to be adopted and circulated to all Railways in supersession to the instructions issued vide Board’s letter No. F(E)II/96/All/1 dated 04.02.1997. Accordingly, a copy of MEA’s order No.Q/FD/695/03/2000 dated 25.09.2023 is sent herewith for information and guidance. The orders contained therein will apply mutatis mutandis to Railway Officers and staff deputed abroad, prospectively, with effect from the date of issue of Board’s letter.
  3. Please acknowledge receipt.