On 1st March, 2015, on the of 87 birthday of late Com. Umraomal Purohit, Zonal Women Conference was organized under the banner of North Western Railway Employees Union for Jaipur hosted by Jaipur Division and Jaipur Head Quarter GLO Branch. The theme of the conference was on the subject of Women Empowerment.
The Chief Guest, Rajasthan State Minister of Women & Child Development, Ms. Anita Badhel,
Special Guests Hind Mazdoor Sabha National Women Secretary, Ms. Champa Verma, All India
Railwaymen Federation National Women Convenor Ms. Jaya Agrawal, General Secretary of NWREU,
Mukesh Mathur, Zonal President of union Suraj Mal Meena, inaugurated the conference by
garlanding the portrait of Late comrade U. M. Purohit and lighting the lamp. After formal welcome
of all the distinguished guests the chief guest in her inaugral speech, told that we, the women are in
no ways inferior to the men if we understand our true worthiness. Women in Railway are working
not only in offices but also in hazardous and tuff jobs like train operations and maintenance. The
male counter part in the society and at home should come forward to share responsibilities with
women at all fronts for women empowerment in real sense. Such conferences are a symbol of
women upliftment.
The special guests of honor Com. Mukesh Mathur, Champa Verma, Jaya Agarwal in their address
have said that NWREU, HMS., AIRF has left no stones unturned in the direction of leadership
development of women. Working women have to stand united to achieve their rights, to have
better and safer work environment, better facilities at workplace. They shared their experiences in
the trade union movement and how comrade Purohitji geared them for advancement. One cannot
dream of success in fighting for their demands fulfillment at national level without the support of
women, such is their strength. They appealed to women present there to devote time and join
hands with union along with shouldering their multilevel multifront responsibilities.
Zonal Women Wing Secretary and Assistant General Secretary of NWREU, Ms. Vibha taaparia who
chaired the conference in her address laid stress on women networking and appealed that leaving
aside all the grudges, support and co-operation of one women to another is all that is needed for
women empowerment and development in every front, may it be in office, home, society or life.
Women must give importance to organizational strength instead of individual relation. This fourth
Zonal women conference of NWREU is a small gift on the birthday of Comrade Purohitji who laid the
foundation of Women Wing with a vision of women participation in the main stream of trade union
Three resolutions viz increasing women participation in Trade union movement and activities at all
levels, organizing women workers both formal and informal to club them into mainstream, gender
sensitization, recognition of women committees, to raise special work related demands of women
at appropriate level through proper channel. The resolutions were proposed by Veena and
seconded and supported by Nandini, Komal, Mamta, Sweta, Neha, Renu and Asha, Meena Saxena,
women wing secretary Jaipur Division who also gave the welcome speech, Pratiksha Mathur
chairperson, who convened the program, (Jaipur Division), Sarika Jain, secretary and Assistant
Divisional Secretary who encouraged the women participation with her enthusiasm, Neha Gurjar,
Parul Mathur who created slogans (Ajmer Division), Shweta Harris and Savita Goyal (Ajmer
Workshop), Gayatri Chakrabarty (Jodhpur Division), Bina (Jodhpur Workshop), Kiran Gupta,
chairperson(GM office, Jaipur), Meena Purohit secretary (Bikaner Workshop), Rajrani secretary
(Bikaner Division), Veena Saney who told about achievements of AIRF and NWREU for women
workers (activist, Jaipur Division), Vimla also expressed their ideas and views on the subject.
All the Zonal Central Committee Office bearers of NWREU, Bhupendra Bhatnagar from ajmer
Workshop, Arun Gupta, from Ajmer Vineet Maan from Headquarter GLO Jaipur, Manoj Parihar from
Jodhpur, Rana Puran Chand Deep Singh from Jodhpur Workshop, Anil Vyas from Bikaner, Ashok
Saxena from Jaipur, Mahendra Vyas from Jodhpur were the special invitees on the day and were
greeted and welcomed with flowers also expressed their willinness and gave assurance to support
women for empowerment.
The distinguished guests were welcomed at the Railway Station with dance and music show of
traditional Indian drums (dhol) and received with slogans raised by women from the Zone and taken
to the venueof conference in form of a big procession. The conference was a grand success due to
participation of 500 women of various categories working in Railway in different work areas from
Bikaner, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Jaipur Divisions, workshops and GM office Jaipur thanks to motivation and
guidance of General Secretary Mukesh Mathur, Special efforts and back support in supplying water,
tea, snacks and lunch by R. K. Singh, Divisional President Jaipur, Ashok Saxena, Avtar Singh, Mukesh
Chturvedi, Rajesh Verma, Kailash Meena, Vineet Maan, Rajesh, Satish, Sunil, Lalaram and all the
office bearers of Jaipur branches. Vibha Taparia casted vote of thanks in the end to all concerned.

Vibha Taparia