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Sub: “Anubhav” – showcasing outstanding work done during service submission of details by a retiring Government employee.
The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has devised a platform whereby retiring government servants have an option to upload a write-up not more than 5000 words showcasing outstanding work done during the service alongwith appropriate attachments, wherever necessary, on the website of the department from where the official retires and the website of the cadre controlling authority. Copy of DOP&PW’s OM No.41212013-P&PW(Coord.) dated 19.02.2015 and OM 4/2/2014-P&PW(Coord.) dated 5-3-2015 may be seen in DOP&PW’s official website It ttp://persmin.go
2. The corresponding form 5 of CCS (Pension) Rules is Form 8 of Railway Services Pension Rules 1993.
3. The instructions may be circulated appropriately among all employees of the Ministry and attached/subordinate offices and given wide publicity to encourage participation in “Anubhav” as this project is being monitored at the highest levels.

Jt. Director Estt. (G)
Railway Board.

PDF file of RBE 30/2015 has been reproduced underneath:-

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