The General Managers,
New Delhi, dt: 13.05.2015
C, E, EC, ECo, N, NC, NF, NW. S, SC, SEC, SW, W, WC & Metro Railways.
Director General, RDSO, Lucknow.
Sub: Oral Evidence before the Vllth CPC on 19.05.2015 on the Memorandum of AIRF- sparing of participants reg.
Ref: Board’s letters of even No. dated 31.03.2015 & 06.04.2015.


General Secretary, AIRF vide letter no. AIRF/405(VII CPC} dated 12.05.2015 has advised that AIRF’s oral evidence before VII CPC for left over categories (in four groups- Group X to XIII) will take place on 19.05.2015. A list of the participants who shall be attending New Delhi for tendering oral evidences before the VII CPC in respect of memorandum submitted by the AIRF regarding various issues related to different categories of the Railwaymen furnished under their letter dated 12.05.2015 referred to above is sent herewith.
The Federation has stated that the participants shall have to reach New Delhi one day in advance i.e. on 18.05.2015 (morning) for having internal discussions to finalize the presentation before the VII CPC. The Federation has requested that the participants may be extended the facilities of Special Casual Leave and Passes, covering their to and fro journey from their respective place of posting to New Delhi and back.
The request of AIRF for Special CL and Pass to the participants may be extended to the extent feasible. The list of participants is enclosed.

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