On the clarion call of AIRF, Running Staff to observe All India Protest day on 12th October, 2018

Main Demands are:-

1. why delay in decideing running allowance and other allowances for loco and traffic running staff?
2. Why delay in disbursement of additional allowance to Asstt. loco pilot?
3. why delay in giving gp rs. 2800 instead of gp rs. 1900 to Asstt loco pilot?
4. why running staff is being pressurised to work beyond duty hours?
5. why shortage of basic facility in engine cab and guard brake van?
6. provide adequate security to on duty running staff.
7. why cut in rest time of 16+2 hours when AT headquarters and 8+2 hours while on
outstation duty?
8. why return to headquarters taking more than 36 hrs after signing on?
9. why running rooms are having poor living and catering facility?
10. why inordinate delay in providing running rooms with full facilities to female loco pilot, FEMALE asst. loco pilot and guard?
11, why running staff is pushed to work continuously beyond 4 nights?
12. why inordinate delay in stepping up of chief loco inspector and why inspite of railway board’s order no extra seat has been provided for chief loco inspector in loco cab during foot plate inspection?
13. why delay in deputing guard supervisors similar to loco supervisors?