No.AIRF/55                                                                                                                          Dated: June 9, 2015

 The Secretary (E),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

 Dear Sir,

 Sub: Absorption of Loco Pilot/Sr. ALP as Sr. Pass Guard/Sr. Goods Guard while redeploying them after unfit in A1 medical category and fit for A 2 and below

Loco Pilots are required A1 Category while medical de- categorization, suppose they declared to work under medical category A2 and below.

In this case they may be absorbed as Sr. Pass Guard/Sr. Goods Guard as per prescribed norms.

 In normal practice, Loco Pilots those who are not passing A1 medical category and fit for A2 and below are being eligible for stationary job only as CC, PC, TFR etc.

 Hence, AIRF suggests that they may be made eligible as Sr. Pass. Guard/Sr. Goods Guard since large number of vacancies of the Guards exist in the Indian Railways and these Loco Pilots are more qualified in terms of safety and other training purposes required for Guard’s Category.