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Published On: Mon, Jun 22nd, 2015

National JCA Meeting held on 8th June

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4, State Entry Road New Delhi–110055

No.NJCA/2015 Dated: June 15, 2015

All the Members of the NJCA,

Dear Comrades,

Sub: National JCA Meeting held on 8th June

The National JCA, which met at the Staff Side Office on 8th June, 2015, took note of the fact that quite a few states are yet to hold the State Level Conventions. The meeting also noted that the strike decision taken on 28th April, 2015 has not been percolated down to the rank and file of the workers. The meeting wanted the affiliate to realize that the denial of the demand for wage revision to be effective from 01.01.2014 and the consequent denial of interim relief and the benefit of merger of DA with Pay must be viewed very seriously as the said decision will have far reaching consequence. The Government would discard the age old practice of grant of I.R. and merger of DA forever. It has decided to appeal to all the affiliates to chalk out independent programmes of actions in the months to come and to carry out the same in all seriousness so that the employees become fully aware of the possible outcome of the 7th CPC. The Chairman and Convenor of the National JCA will get in touch with those States, where the convention has not been held so far. The meeting decided to convey to members that the minimum wage computation, in the given situation would be on an imaginary basis. The National JCA was of the opinion that a meeting of all office bearers of the participating organizations must be convened at Delhi somewhere in the month of July to chalk out programmes of action to be pursued by the CGEs together. It was informed at the meeting that both Defence and Railways would be taking their strike ballot and would be concluded in the first week of October. The meeting, therefore, decided to advise the other units to chalk out progammes of action in July so that an ambience of struggle could be created. The NJCA also took note of the painful fact that despite assurances, Government was not convening the National Council and Departmental Councils and the JCM has been allowed to become defunct. The National JCA in conclusion decided to appeal to all affiliates to take concrete steps to invigorate the joint movement of the Central Government employees and meet the challenge that is likely to arise on receipt of the recommendations of the 7th CPC by creating an atmosphere of Unity, and determination to carry out the call of indefinite strike action scheduled to commence on 23rd November, 2015.

With greetings,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secretary (Staff Side)
NC JCM & Convener

PDF file has been reproduced underneath:-

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  1. Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organisations (CCGGOO), All India DRDO Technical Officers’ Association (AIDTOA) and the Staff Side (JCM) have calculated minimum wage as on 1st Jan 2014 as per the Dr. Aykroyd formula as Rs 26,000/- taking into account following prices.

    7th pay commission minimum wage
    The 7th CPC also would adopt Dr. Aykroyd formula for the computation of the minimum wage and thereafter the fitment formula is calculated.
    Fitment formula = Minimum wage / Rs 7000
    CCGGOO, AIDTOA & the Staff Side (JCM) have calculated the fitment formula of 3.72 that is Rs 26000/ Rs 7000 as on 1st Jan 2014.
    The 7th CPC has hinted that the date of effect of the 7th CPC shall be from 1st Jan 2016. In this context the minimum wage and fitment formula, should be as follows.
    The increase in prices between 1st Jan 2014 to 1st July 2015 is 18% as the DA as on 1st Jan 2014 was 100% and likely DA as on 1st July 2015 is 118%. In actual terms the retail prices have increased by over 25%. Even considering the 18% hike in prices from 1st Jan 2014 to 1st July 2015 and adding 7 % likely hike in prices for the period 1st July 2015 to Jan 2016 it works out to 25% hike in minimum wage.
    Minimum wage calculated by the CCGGOO,AIDTOA & Staff Side (JCM) using Dr. Aykroyd formula as on 1st Jan 2014 was Rs 26,000/-
    Adding 25% hike in prices between 1st Jan 2014 to 1st Jan 2016, the minimum wage should be Rs 32,000/- and accordingly the fitment formula should work out to 4.5 times.
    If we calculate the minimum wage as on 1/1/2016 using the Dr. Aykroyd formula taking into account the current retail prices in Bangalore. It works out Rs 27,000/- and fitment formula as 3.85.

    There are many rumours on the fitment formula and minimum wage, actually the 7th CPC has made only a draft and they will calculate the actual fitment formula and minimum wage only next month taking into the account the prices as on 1st July 2015 and adding weight age for the period 1st July 2015 to Jan 2016 and work out the fitment formula and minimum wage.
    If any fitment formula less than 3.85 and minimum wage of Rs 27,000/- it will be denial of right wages for CG employees.
    During the 6th CPC the CCGGOO,AIDTOA & Staff Side (JCM) have calculated minimum wage as on 1st Jan 2006 as per the Dr. Aykroyd formula as Rs 10,000/-, where as the 6th CPC had provided the minimum wage as Rs 7000/- and the 6th CPC had fixed fitment formula of 1.86. Most of the pay commissions have accepted 70% of the staff side demand. We sincerely hope this 7th Central Pay Commission will also calculate the right wages and fitment formula for the Central Government Employees.

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