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Published On: Thu, Jul 16th, 2015

ACPS entitlement to PHARMACISTS consequent upon implementation of FTC treating GP4200

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No.AIRF/MACPS/2015                                                                           Dated: June 30, 2015

The Member Staff,

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: ACPS entitlement to PHARMACISTS consequent upon implementation of FTC treating GP4200 (NFG) as not a promotion/ACPS upto 31.08.2008 and further MACPS w.e.f. 01.09.2008

Ref: (i) DoP&T’s letter No.35014/1/2014-Estt. D dated 10.06.2015 to Secretary(Staff Side) NC/JCM, and  (ii) DoP&T’s letter dated 09.9.2010 under S.No.3 “B’ and S.No.27(i) (ii) (iii) & (iv) of the reply of the DoP&T on FAQ reg. MACPS dated 01.04.2011

According to para 2 of the DoP&T’s letter referred to at S.No.(i), “the Pharmacists who have completed 12 years continuous service as on 01.09.2008 should be extended GP Rs.4600 as 2nd MACPS and GP Rs.4800 as 3rd MACPS  to all those who have completed 22 years continuous service as the GP Rs.4200 (NFG) granted is counted for the purpose of MACPS.

Vide para 3 of the said letter of the DoP&T(referred to at S.No.1), the NFG in GP Rs.4200 is not treated as financial upgradations under ACP Scheme up to 31.08.2008 to the Pharmacists. Hence, the hierarchy on implementation of Fast Track Committee of the 6th CPC is as follows, w.e.f. 01.01.2006, i.e.

GP Rs.2800(PB-I, Rs.5200-20200) – Entry Grade

GP Rs.4200(PB-II)(NFG) – On completion of 2 years service not to be treated as financial upgradation/ promotional hierarchy up to 31.08.2008 under ACPS rules in existance.

GP Rs.4600 is the 1st financial upgradation/1st promotion hierarchy/1st ACP on completion of 12 years service up to 31.08.2008.

GP Rs.4800 – 2nd financial upgradation/ACPS on completion of 24 years regular service up to 31.08.2008.

GP Rs.5400 – On completion of 30 years regular continuous service to Pharmacists who will be extended 2nd financial upgradation/ACPS in GP Rs.4800 prior to 01.09.2008.

Vide para 4 of above cited letter of the DoP&T(S.No.1), all the Pharmacists who have been extended placement in GP Rs.4200 as per 6th CPC Fast Track Committee recommendations should be extended the benefit of 3% increment.

The Board are, therefore, requested to issue necessary orders on the subject matter to all the Zonal Railways and Production Units at the earliest, following the instructions of the DoP&T.

An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.


Copy to: The EDE(IR), Railway Board, New Delhi – for necessary action please.

Copy to: The EDPC-I, Railway Board, New Delhi – for necessary action please.

Copy to: The EDE(N), Railway Board, New Delhi – for necessary action please.

Copy to: General Secretaries, all affiliated unions – for information.

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  1. Arlie says:

    Thank you Mr Shailen Karmakar.In fact,having completed over 30 years of seivrce prior to taking voluntary retirement, was looking forward to some DOPT orders for benefit of ACP/MACP for those who retired/expired between 01.01.2006 & 30.08.2008, as assured by them. However,their clarifications dated 28.08.2012 above made me feel that the benefit of grade pay of Rs 6600 may be already obtainable from 01.01.2006. On your confirmation of the same,I went ahead for possible additional benefit in this case involving different scales which stand merged w.e.f. 01.01.2006 when I was in position.. However,I had consciously not furnished details more related to promotions which should have legitimately come my way being seniormost regular departmental officer, because they are long drawn. I may say here that that I had rejoined govt seivrce through UPSC and was appointed in a department which had sanctioned hierarchy in the descending order in the scales of Rs 12000-16500 (HOD), two Group A posts in the scale of 10000-15200; five Group B gazetted posts in the scale of 6500-10500 followed by supporting staff. There is no question of supression of any vital information as no expert review would be eventually beneficial, if details given are different from official records. Sadly, there had been a consistent and successful attempt by the Ministry functionaries to fill up the post of HOD on deputation from a particular department in a row, not allowing notified 5 years of seivrce in 10000-15200 for promotion, by keeping both the posts in the feeder grade vacant since 1988 till date on pretext of revising RRs or post going into deemed abolition. The might of Ministry handled by corrupt,indifference of highers, and absence of any organised Association etc led to issuing notifications different from approved schedule and keep on posting officers from 6500-10500 to 7450-11500 outside the department on the basis of self created conjectures and some outdated RRs of 1963 notified a decade before this new department came into being which have never been amended once.As for queries of Shri Shailen, the following is furnisheda)my shift to Central Government seivrce was through UPSC on direct recruitment basis.My entire past seivrce was counted then and for pension.Moreover, the DOPT orders since 1999 clearly state that seivrce rendered on deputation/foreign seivrce will count for ACP/MACP and only such seivrce rendered prior to the entry grade in Central government will not be counted;b)I have blemishless seivrce and the Ministry had given an undertaking in July 2000 that pending my regular promotion to next higher departmental post in the scale of RS 10000-15200, the benefit of ACPS for it was already due and would be processed expeditiously. It is another matter that I had to join under protest due to threatened legal action and then ACP order issued in August 2002 for 7450-11500 w.e.f. 09.08.1999, ignoring undertaking of July 2000.Moreover, the Dopt orders lay down “good” CRs upto grade pay of Rs 6600 and only completion of 12 years of regular seivrce as sufficient for fulfilling eligibility condition (orders of 2004). As known, the benefit of ACPS is strictly confined to defined hierarchy of a single organisation and no official document like DOPT organisational chart, pay commission reports and Annual Reports of the Ministry make any mention of existence or availability of Rs 7450-11500 scale in the department where I had joined in 1986.By fraud in administration,I have been denied due promotions to scales of Rs 10000-15200 from 1994, then to Rs 12000-16500 from 1999, even ACPS which is equally applicable to departments.

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