Railwaymen E-magazine AIRF December 2015 Issue

Dear Comrads,

In the wake of Seventh CPC Report it has almost become imminent that Strike has become inevitable. 7th CPC has submitted its report on 19th November evening at 19.30 hrs. The report is full of contradictions as well as with lots of retrograde recommendations. Through 7th CPC has accepted Dr. Aykroyd Committee formula for constructions of minimum wage but the formula has been deviated. The price of commodities has been set to be taken for Simla series are on very low side. The Dal in 97 Rs. , Green vegetable 37 Rs. etc. are no where available .

The formula which was having approval of 15 ILC as well as Supreme Court of India has been blatantly violated. For e.g. 25% of the cost of commodities was brought down to 15%. Instead of 7.5%, the HRA has been brought down to 3%. The Minimum wage so brought down to 18000 exists not on Dr. Aykroyd formula but on whims of 7th CPC. Our Poster Photo of MISHRA JI(i)demand of Rs. 26000 was based on scientific calculations had been just, thrown in waste paper basket. The multiplying factor which should have been 3.67 has been reduced to 2.57. The rounding of 3% increment had also reduced in many cycles. The MACP has been made more stringent by make good to very good also followed by written examination. The efficiency bar proposed at 20 years will force large number of staff for VRS. Keeping all above in mind NJCA met on 20th November gave call for observing Black Day of 27th was great success throughout the country. The NJCA met on 8th December and our Working Committee on 11-12 December, 2015 had given clarion call that if Pay Commission’s above recommendations will not be amended before 1st week of February all Central Government Employees will go on INDEFINITE STRIKE in the 1st week of March. The railways by signing agreement on MOU of Madhepura and Mehraura with Alstom (Germany) and GE (USA) companies for electric and diesel locomotive with assured off take with 13 years of maintenance contract. The 16 train sets with 13 years of maintenance contract have opened the door of privatization of Indian Railways. The Working Committee has taken a serious view of above and will organize protest throughout on Indian Railways against the FDI, PPP, Outsourcing and Privatization on 7th January.

           This is high time, that we should prepare our rank file to fight on all the demands raised by AIRF and NJCA including NPS. Your preparations will help the movement a lot. Let’s join hands and go ahead.



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