No.AIRF/53                                                                         Dated: April 4, 2016

The Secretary(E),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Cases of promotion taking place in the pre-revised pay structure between 01.01.2006 and the date of notification of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008 and the subsequent merger of the pre-revised pay scales of the promotional and the feeder posts in a common grade – fixation of pay

 Ref.:MoF(Deptt. of Exp.)’s O.M.No.F-2-1/2015-E.III(A) dated 16.10.2015

AIRF vide its letter of even number dated 5th November, 2015(photocopy enclosed) had requested the Railway Board to implement the instructions of the DoP&T (Government of India), contained in their aforementioned Office Memorandum, in the Railways.

It is quite unfortunate that, a pretty longer time has been elapsed, but the instructions of the DoP&T have not been reiterated by the Railway Board.

The Board are requested to implement the instructions of the DoP&T, contained in their Office Memorandum referred to above, in the Railways without any further loss of time.