Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary/ AIRF While thanking Official Side (Railway Board), Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra said, “there should be some priority for DC/JCM meeting”.
While speaking on women empowerment, Shri Mishra said, “I hope, for women empowerment, an initiative will be made from the Railway Board and two extra slots should be given to DC/JCM Members to accommodate women representatives of the Staff Side from both the federations”. “I fully believe that Railway Board is sensitive on the issue of women empowerment, Shri Mishra further said.
Shri Mishra emphasized on reimbursement of medical expenses to roadside station staff and asked to introduce a scheme where they could get hassle-free medical treatment at their doorstep.

20160311_112714Shri Mishra asked about the progress made in the matter of Cashless Smart Card Scheme which was to be implemented long back as assured by the then DG(RHS) and Member Staff, Railway Board in AIRF’s PNM Meeting with the Railway Board. Speaking about various welfare schemes announced by the then Hon’ble MR, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Shri Mishra said, “treatment of parents of the railwaymen has not been started, no Medical, Engineering Colleges opened, not the “House to all Railwaymen Scheme” seen light of the day”. He emphasized on improvement in SBF as SBF has not been enhanced this year.
He stressed on Medical and Pass facilities to both parents of the railwaymen. He said, “Airlines in our country are giving travelling facilities to the parents of their staff”. Talking about establishment of Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura and Diesel Locomotive Factory Marhowra and outsourcing their maintenance for 13-year, Shri Mishra
said, “maintenance contract of trains sets to outside agencies is promoting privatization in Indian Railways”. He said, “we are not happy with the planning of the Railways in the way it is being done”. He further added that our survival is based on Railway’s survival, and in turn that is country’s survival.
Shri Mishra said, “Hon’ble MR has made very good announcements in his Rail Budget 2016-17, but where from money will come for these announcements”. Quoting example of CLW and DLW Shri Mishra said, “we are not less to anyone in technical skill, even then new ventures are being envisaged. We have heard that, a new venture for manufacturing EMU Coaches will be brought to Kanchrapara Workshop by some private company, whereas we have capacity to build them in ICF and RCF”. Shri Mishra further said, “in Kharagpur(SER), around 200 motormen are facing loss of one increment owing to non-mentioning of “Motorman/Driver” in Board’s orders in their case”.
While speaking on transfer policy, Shri Mishra demanded for two-year service condition instead of 5-year service, as was in the past because now due to fresh recruitment we have custom. He added, “handicapped and women employees should be given some priority in the transfer”. He further added, “orders from the Railway Board have been issued to keep a vigil on union officials particularly, which is very bad and needs to be immediately
withdrawn. There should be transparency in transfer policy for union office bearers”. Shri Mishra also asked for relaxation in compassionate ground appointment in transfer cases in Workshops. There is some embargo from Railway Board, which needs to be withdrawn. Talking about IRCTC, Shri Mishra said, “now we have heard that, Catering is again going back to IRCTC”.
Shri Mishra insisted, “before review, the issue should be discussed with the recognized federations”. Shri Mishra stressed on recruitment and regularization of Act Apprentices in the Railways. He demanded, “Board’s letter reg. recruitment of Act Apprentices through RRB/RRC should be withdrawn and General Managers should be empowered in this regard to keep industrial peace”.

Shri Mishra asserted on extension of LARSGESS to other categories of staff too. He stated that the issue of regularization of quasi-administrative staff is lingering with Railway Board since long and needs to be resolved early.
Shri Mishra further said that ALPs are not being provided CUG on ECoR as also Supervisory Staff of RCF/KXH. The same should be provided to them. Shri Mishra demanded that surplus panel of JAA recruited through RRB in Southern Railway should be transferred to South Western Railway.
Shri Mishra insisted on reiteration of Board’s orders for denture repair. Shri Mishra demanded for issuance of orders from Railway Board reg. manning of three coaches by the TTEs as was agreed one-year back with the Railway Board in a joint meeting.
Shri Mishra strongly protested against non-attending of GM PNM meetings by the SDGM/SWR/UBL and requested the Official Side to advise him suitably. Shri Mishra demanded for Cadre Restructuring in RCF/RBL and requested for its early implementation over there.
Shri Mishra demanded for screening of BG line staff of NER; which is pending since long.
Expressing serious concern, Shri Mishra said, “sanction has not been given for 126 posts in SPJ Workshop of ECR since 2015.
Shri Mishra demanded for creation of 14 posts of CMP Doctors in Central Hospital, Patna. He said that since there is lack of doctors in new railway zones, contractual doctors may be provided. Shri Mishra demanded that all Group ‘C’ staff should also be covered in SBF Scholarship Scheme as was agreed and was in force till last year.
Shri Mishra said, “some instructions had gone from the Railway Board not to fill the posts of the Sports, Cultural and Scouts & Guide Quota. If it is so, that should be withdrawn immediately”
Shri Mishra said, “taking attendance on a sheet by the Mate of railway trackmen is an exploitation of the staff. This practice should be stopped and they should be allowed to sign in the register. This is, particularly, a great harassment to women trackmen”.
Shri Mishra added, “SPAD needs to be reviewed suitably and harsh penalty of “Removal From Service” should not be imposed in case of SPAD cases”.

Shri Mishra emphasized on provision of Special Casual Leave and Passes for Safety Seminars being organized by the recognized federations.
Shri Mishra said, “there are around 4.5 lakh outsourced employees in the Railways. They are badly exploited. As a principal employer, it is the duty of the Indian Railways to save them from exploitation”.
Shri Mishra expressed serious concern on outsourcing of perennial nature works in the Railways. Shri Mishra spoke on retrograde recommendations of the VII CPC and demanded merger of Technician Gr. II & I, Gazetted status to Sr. Engineers and Supervisors, higher grade pay to Running Staff as also to restore the allowances and advances.
Speaking about ratio of representatives in DC/JCM Forum, on the basis of secret ballot elections, conducted for recognition of the federations, Shri Mishra said, “such issues should not be discussed in the DC/JCM Forum since this is already a settled issue in consultation with the DoP&T”.
Shri Mishra said, “Cadre review be kept in abeyance till next restructuring”. Shri Mishra further said, “it has been observed that, clarifications are given by the Railway Board quite erroneously on LARSGESS issues, which creates lot of problems. Recently a clarification has been issued to WCR on the issue of OSM, which is same as General Services in Electric Power group. CR was rightly implementing, whereas Railway Board had stopped it. This should immediately be clarified”. He desired to know the reasons for changing name of Rail Coach Factory Raebareli to
Modern Coach Factory. He further stated that RCF/RBL has 650 staff quarters and needs more quarters because no accommodation is available nearby. RCF/RBL needs a College up to Intermediate.
Shri Mishra also mentioned about sad incidence of Hubali(SWR), where an old building structure of Parcel Office collapsed, killing eight persons and injuring many, in which few railway employees had also been killed. It is a sheer negligence, needs proper investigation and fixing responsibility. He also advised the Official Side to locate and
remove such structures throughout the Indian Railways to avoid human loss. Shri Mishra said, “Railway Privilege Passes & PTOs should be allowed in Suvidha Trains”.
He also mentioned, “taking loans from various agencies will overburden the Indian Railways, and this over capitalization may collapse the Railways some day”.


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