History has changed

In the 163 years’ history of the Indian Railways, for the first time, Chairman, Railway Board, has got extension of two years. There can be mixed reaction on this issue, but there is no doubt that, it is a historic event in the history of the Indian Railways.

There has been a talk of restructuring of the Railway Board, fortunately that between Electrical and Mechanical Departments of the Indian Railways.

Poster Photo of MISHRA JI(i)Merely name of the Member Electrical, Railway Board, has been changed as “Member Traction”, and the name of the Member Mechanical as “Member Rolling Stock”. Change in the names of Railway Board Members is not going to change the system, but even then, all locomotives, generation, distribution, workshops, sheds belonging to loco maintenance have been gone to Member Traction, and all the coaching stock, including three workshops, will be under Member Mechanical, Railway Board. We do not see, any significant change will arise out of this flimsy change in the Mechanical and Electrical Departments of the Railway Board.

It is worth-mentioning here that, Bibek Dey Roy Committee had suggested that, all the Technical Cadres should be merged together and all other Administrative Services should be merged. The Technical Cadre should be designated as “Indian Railway Technical Service”, while others should be termed as “Indian Railway Administrative Service”. Instead of doing that, this little change has been made. Recently, two newly born IAS Officers from 2004 batch have been posted as “Asstt. Secretary” in the Railways, one in the Land Department and the others in Commercial Department for three months. This has been done on the directions of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Some of our colleagues see it as entry of the IAS Officers into the Indian Railways.

Jamalpur Workshop has been closed, and after making the changes in Electrical and Mechanical Departments, in near future recruitments will be done in the name of “Indian Railway Services of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers”. Therefore, merger is in offing, if not today, in future.

Let us see what more happens to the Indian Railways, but we have to safeguard the interests of our Railwaymen, Indian Railways and the consumers.

shiva gopal mishra

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