The Chairman,

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Measures to improve safety on Indian Railways – Withdrawal of Railway Board’s Letter No. 2017/E(LR)III Ref. /RB1 Dated:- 30.01.2017

As has been explained to you, there is lot of resentment amongst the Railwayen because right of all the Supervisors(working in GP Rs.4200 and GP Rs.4600 in Safety Category) becoming union office bearers had withdrawn arbitrarily by the Railway Board, vide their letter under reference, on flimsy grounds without having any discussion with the recognized federations. It was protested by the railwaymen as a whole, and because of lot of agitations, orders were deferred till 31.12.2017.

We are analyzing that serious anger is brewing at the grassroots level against these orders of the Railway Board and is creating lot of mental stress in the railwaymen in general and supervisors in particular.

It is pertinent to mention here that these orders have no legal entity and also not covered by any law.

It will be in all appropriateness if you may kindly withdraw this letter of the Railway Board to remove the mental agony of the concerned staff as well as to provide natural justice to the safety categories supervisors working in GP Rs.4200 and 4600.