RBE No. 166/2018

No. E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31                New Delhi, Dated: 25.10.2018

The General Manager (P),
All Indian Railways/PUs,
New Delhi.

Sub:- Discontinuation of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs).

Attention is invited to Board’s letter No. E(NG)I/2008/PM1/15 dated 03.09.2009 which inter alia lays down that 20% of the vacancies in Group ‘C’ posts of Senior Section Engineer(SSE) in Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Signal & Telecom and Track Machine Organization (TMO) Departments will be filled by direct recruitment.

This provision of direct recruitment in the post of SSEs has since been reviewed by Board. It has been decided to provisionally discontinue direct recruitment in the post of SSEs. This decision will be reviewed after one year. Therefore, all direct recruitment in all technical supervisory categories for the present be only in the post of Junior Engineers (JEs). Vacancies of SSEs may accordingly be added to those of Junior Engineers (JEs) for the purpose of direct recruitment.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(M.M. Rai)

Jt. Director/E(NG)II

Railway Board

No. E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31                          New Delhi, Dated 25.10.2018