No. 2018/Trans.Cell/Health/Medical Card                              Dated: 04.01.2019

The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUs, NF(Con), CORE
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAIR/Vadodara

Sub: Medical Identity Card Numbering and Colour Scheme & Generation of Uniform Medical I-Card.
Ref: (1) Railway Board letter no.2018/Trans.Cell/Health/Medical Cards dated 08.06.2018.
(2) PCPO/SCR’s letter no. SCR/P.HQ/765/IT/ESR dated 01.08.2018.

For bringing in uniform ity in Medical Identity Cards, issued to employees and other medical beneficiaries on Indian Rai lways, a policy was issued vide reference (1) above. Further, with reference to South Central Railway’s letter (2), Board (MS, FC & CRB), in consultation with DG/RHS and DG/Pers. have approved the following:
1. A strip with different colour for serving and retired employees and their dependents shall be provided in accordance with instructions at Para 2 of the policy letter (reference (I) above). The colour scheme of the strip shall be as:
a) Serving Railways employees -Blue strip at Top and Bottom
b) Pensioners – Green strip at Top and Bottom
c) Medical beneficiary of serving employee – Blue strip at Top and Yellow at Bottom
d) Medical beneficiary of Reti red employee -Green strip at Top and Yellow at Bottom.
2. Medical ID number shall be a 12 digit Alpha Numeric as proposed by SCR and
as indicated below:
a) First 3 digits – IPAS codes ofRailway/Working Unit issuing the card
b) Next 8 digits – Random auto generated number
c) Next 1 character – A for Employee
– Z for Primary Pensioner
-Any other character (B,C, …. Y) for Medical dependents
3. SCR is hereby authorized for development and maintenance of Unique Medical ID System for Pan India. Software has already been developed by SCR.
4. All the Medical ID Cards for Pan India shall be generated through the system developed by SCR.
5. The system shall be integrated with I-PAS and ARPAN systems for one level of authentication for whi ch CRIS and Western Railway wil l provide the secured access to the respective system.
6. The final card should be printed after proper authentication.
7. This MedicallD number shall be further integrated with HMIS by CRIS which is being developed by CRIS (which CRIS has agreed). SCR will provide secured
access to CRIS, if required for the same.
8. The cards so generated from the software may be printed by the Zonal Railways at their end or may request SCR to print initially in bulk. Pri nting arrangements may be made by the Zonal Railways later.
9. SCR will fo llow the guidelines regarding IT systems for generation of Medical ID/IDs of Government of India, if any.
10. The application so developed shall have the mandatory Security Audit and shall be hosted in a secured environment and at a Data centre as per the Government of India’s Policy, before roll out, which SCR shall have to ensure.
This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance.

(Umesh Balonda)
Executive Director/S&T
Transformation Cell
Dated: 04.01.2019

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