Sub: Earmarking of accommodation in trains for on-duty AC Staff.
Ref: Rly. Board’s letter No.2018/TG-1/20/P/62 dated 28.01.2019

Vide above-mentioned letter of the Railway Board ,accommodation is earmarked for on duty RPF/GRP Personnel in Rajdhani/Shatabdi and various other Mail/Express Trains. Accordingly, accommodation may also be earmarked for on-duty AC Staff.
This issue has also been discussed by the Federation in Board PNM meetings, but it is quite unfortunate that, so far no concrete decision has been arrived at in this regard. Due to non-earmarking of accommodation the on-duty AC Staff are suffering especially during Summer, Festival Seasons and also during night journey. The badly distraught
employees are left to fend for themselves, even though man the train from end to end basis. As is well known , the on-duty AC Staff are Essential Staff with regard to smooth and safe running of the trains, especially the Premium Trains, viz. Rajdhani, Shatabdi etc.
In order to alleviate their suffering, it should be ensured that all the new trains, that are likely to be announced in future invariably, have earmarked accommodation for on-duty AC Staff as well.
The Board are, therefore, requested to issue favourable orders for providing accommodation to on-duty AC Staff on par with RPF/GRP to the GMs of the Indian Railways to mitigate the hardship faced by on-duty AC Staff.