RBE No. 97/2019


No. E(NG)I/2018/PM 1/4                                                         New Delhi, dated:- 14·06.2019
The General Managers
All Zonal Railways &
Production Units
(as per Standard mailing list)

Sub: Introduction of 100% – Objective Type Multiple Choice paper for Promotional examination.

Reference instructions issued vide Railway Board’s letter of even number dated 14.12.2018 regarding introduction of 100% Objective Type paper for promotional examinations. With regard to the implementation of these instructions, some of the Railways have sought clarification on certain aspects, while some Railways have given certain suggestions regarding the manner of implementation thereof. The matter was also discussed in a workshop on HR matters jointly conducted by Western and Central
Railways at Western Railway Headquarters. The issues raised in the workshop and   clarification sought/suggestions given by the Railways have been deliberated upon in detail in Board’s office with a view to frame uniform guidelines for implementation of the instructions dated 14.12.2018 ibid.
Some of the points raised and their clarification in juxtaposition are enclosed herewith as Annexure ‘A’ for information and guidance. ·
Any further issues which may come up with regard to implementation of the instructions may be brought to the notice of the Board for suitable clarification.
Please acknowledge receipt.

Joint Director Estt. (N)
Railway Board
New Delhi, dated,  14.06.2019

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